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Association of State Flood Plain Managers Association of State Flood Plain Managers
Association of State Flood Plain Managers

Coastal Issues Committee

Lori Cary-Kothera
NOAA-Office for Coastal Management
Tom McDonald, Jr., CFM
City of Savannah, GA

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Adobe PDFASFPM and ASWM submit comments to Fed. Reg. on CBRS (July 10, 2018)
Informational webinar on 2018 High Tide Flooding Outlook from NOAA's CO-OPS (June 15, 2018)
Adobe PDFReducing Coastal Risks on the East and Gulf Coasts (2014)
Adobe PDFNOAA Coastal Sea Level Change Societal Challenge Needs Assessment (9/2011)
New York State Sea Level Rise Task Force Report - Final Report(2011)
Adobe PDFAn Estimate of the U.S. Population Living in 100-Year Coastal Flood Hazard Areas (2010)
Adobe PDFFEMA's Coastal Population Study: Comments on Data Accuracy, Current Initiatives, and Future Risk (2010)
Adobe PDFGAO Report of COBRA Effectiveness (2007)


July 2011 Coastal States Organization Newsletter - Hot updates on current legislation
California's Next Nightmare (NYT 07/2011)
USGS Study Shows Many Coastal Wetlands Likely to Disappear this Century

Ever wonder what the differences are between FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) and storm surge maps published through Hurricane Evacuation Studies (HESs)? The Silver Jackets partners in Region III, including USACE, FEMA, and NOAA, developed a white paper that addresses this common question.

The paper is aimed at local, state, and federal government staff who work with one or both of these map products. Note that while the paper is somewhat specific to work being done within FEMA Region III, the description of the differences between the two products is relevant broadly along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

Coastal Links

In response to member comments and to facilitate information sharing and coordination between agencies and coastal floodplain managers, this page now includes a new section titled "Coastal Links". The purpose of this section is to provide easy access to other web sites that relate to coastal management and coastal floodplains. Please use these links and feel free to suggest other links that may be appropriate for inclusion on this page.

American Coastal Coalition
Army Corps Engineering and Design Coastal Geology
Army Corps Field Research Facility
Coastal Engineering Page
Coastal Inundation Toolkit
Coastal Management on the Internet
Coastal States Organization
Community Hurricane Preparedness, 2nd Edition
EPA Beachwatch
FEMA/NFIP Regulations
National Ocean Service
National Resources Conservation Service
National Weather Service
NOAA Beach Nourishment References
NOAA Coastal Services Center
NOAA Websites Main Page
NOAA's State of the Coasts
Pew Oceans Commission
State CZM Programs
StormSmart Coasts Network
USGS Center for Coastal Geology

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