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NASA Applied Remote Sensing Training for Flood Monitoring & Management

L202 Debris Management Planning for State, Tribal, and Local Officials

9:00 AM - 2:30 PM
Advanced Floodplain Management Workshop


4/18/2017 - 4/19/2017 
E158 Hazard Mitigation Community Planner Specialist Qualifying Course (WDD)
Location:  Emmitsburg, MD
This is a 4 day resident course

Emergency Management Institute (EMI)
16825 S. Seton Ave.
Emmitsburg, MD  21727
Admissions: 301-447-1035

The goal of this course is to provide the opportunity for Hazard Mitigation (HM) Community Planner Specialists to attain the knowledge and skills needed to successfully demonstrate the behaviors/activities in their Position Task Books (PTBs) and to perform tasks that will be required during a disaster operation.

Course Objectives:
Identify, in the HM Community Planner Specialist PTB, the position-specific behaviors/activities which must be demonstrated to become qualified in the position.
Identify the range of tasks to be performed by the HM Community Planner Specialist in a disaster operation when referring to the HM Community Planner Specialist Task List.
Apply requirements, found in 44 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 201, for Standard State Mitigation Plans, Enhanced State Mitigation Plans, Local Mitigation Plans, or Tribal Mitigation Plans to answer basic questions about mitigation planning requirements.
Recognize opportunities to maximize the mitigation actions and activities identified in state, local, and tribal Mitigation Plans through the resources available after a major disaster.
Define the protocols for collaboration and coordination with Joint Field Office (JFO) internal partners, states, tribes, and local communities regarding mitigation planning.
Describe resources available to HM Community Planner Specialists to obtain information about community capacity and mitigation planning history, to ensure the appropriate amount and type of post-disaster mitigation planning technical assistance.
Assess a Local Hazard Mitigation Plan for a hypothetical community using the Local Mitigation Plan Review Tool.
Cite examples of how HM Community Planner Specialists adjust for regional differences and cultural sensitivities to perform HM Community Planner Specialist job requirements.
Accurately communicate mitigation planning requirements and processes to various internal and external mitigation planning stakeholders.
Use FEMA technology and systems to access mitigation plans, and to obtain mitigation planning guidance, resources, and updates.

Selection Criteria: The primary audience is FEMA HM Community Planner Specialist trainees, and the secondary audience is FEMA HM Community Planner Specialist Experts and HM Community Planner Crew Leaders.

Required Prerequisites: IS-0100.b, Introduction to the Incident Command System, ICS-100; E0160, Hazard Mitigation Community Education and Outreach in Disaster Operations; E0207, Introduction to Hazard Mitigation Field Operations; IS-0318, Mitigation Planning for Local and Tribal Communities; and Using FEMA Qualification System Tools in Hazard Mitigation (located on the Hazard Mitigation Disaster Workforce web site)

1.3 CEUs


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