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Joy Duperault, CFM
MA Dept. of Conservation850-491-2419
Mitch Paine, CFM
King County, WA206-263-6855
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Despite billions of dollars spent to “control” floods or reduce risk, statistics show that each decade since 1900 has witnessed more flood losses than the previous decade. In addition, other large-scale factors like demographic shifts toward the nation’s coasts and catastrophic events like Hurricane Katrina hint that this pattern is likely to continue. Mitigation stands out as one of the best options our nation has to combat rising flood losses, and studies have shown that hazard mitigation, overall, is highly cost-effective. Mitigation frequently presents “win-win” situations by breaking the cycle of repetitive flood loss while also complementing other floodplain management objectives. However, successful mitigation is often not well understood because few people notice when a disaster does not happen. In the past, Congress has questioned the effectiveness of mitigation and whether to reauthorize funding. The Flood Mitigation Committee is committed to pursuing wise national mitigation policies with the assistance of its “Core Group” of active membership, as well as through its liaisons with state hazard mitigation officers and other organizations with flood mitigation interests.

ASFPM Flood Mitigation Committee Status Report 2020

2019-2020 Work Plan

Severe Reptitive Loss (SRL) letters to property owners or communities
FEMA now has rules in place for implementing the SRL program that was authorized by Congress. While FEMA was going to send letters to all SRL properties informing them of the opportunity to access this program, something in the program precluded them from doing that.

Many states, especially those with SRL properties, are anxious to get information out so the process of mitigating those properties can get underway. The letter would point out the opportunity and potential consequences. Some states have sent letters out from the state offices, covering the needed information.

If your state is interested in sending a letter out regarding the SRL program, here is the link to letters sent from Illinois, Kentucky and Florida. You will note the Illinois letter was sent to all SRL property owners, whereas the KY an FL letters were sent to the communities with SRL properties.

We hope this information is useful to you in addressing the SRL properties in your state.

Florida Fiscal Year 2008, Severe Repetitive Loss Program Funding Availability and Technical Assistance

Illinois Severe Repetitive Loss Sample Letter

Kentucky Severe Repetitive Loss Sample Letter

Severe Repetitive Loss Grant Program (SRL) Pre-Application/Letter of Intent

Subject: Docket ID FEMA-2006-0035 FEMA 44 CFR Parts 206 and 207, Management Costs

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